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Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation

Relocating employees and their families for 25 years

Consideration for every member of the family

Your pet relocation needs to cover all of the necessary travel arrangements. When moving pets internationally it is important to make sure that you are compliant with all of the requirements for the country of import, not forgetting the collection and delivery of your pet to your new home. Premier Corporate Relocation Services goes to great lengths to smooth their clients’ moves as illustrated by the example below.

“I’m sorry. Your rabbit cannot fly,” said the check-in clerk at Stockholm airport, thus unravelling one family’s carefully-thought-out strategy for completing their move to England. The problem at the airport, was there was no seat on the plane for the family pet. This was compounded by the fact that the rabbit's chaperone to these shores, the father of the family, was only dropping the pet off at their new home. He was then due to attend a business meeting in Paris the following day. The plan had been to knock on one of their new neighbours’ doors and ask if they would kindly feed and water the rabbit while he was away!

Luckily, one of the check-in ladies came to the rescue: Mr. Rabbit spent an eighteen-carrot evening at her house, before hopping on a flight to London the following day. Arrangements were made at great cost for a driver to pick up the rabbit from the animal centre at London Heathrow Airport while his owner was attending his business meeting. The pet was then introduced to his new home and rabbit-sitting service, all of which had been co-ordinated by Premier Corporate Relocation Services.