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Welcome to Premier Corporate Relocation Services

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Experts in employee and family relocation

Premier Corporate Relocation Services has over 25 years’ experience of working with corporate clients, from small teams who required individual domestic moves to larger group moves and international relocations. Our service can be tailored to fit you and your employee’s requirements to ensure they are in line with your company relocation policy.

The complexities of getting an employee and their family settled can be a daunting task. Whether you are a company in the process of moving a team, an HR Executive needing assistance, or an individual looking for guidance with your company relocation into a new area, this is a decision not to be taken lightly and no matter what the circumstances. Premier Corporate Relocation Services can assist with every aspect of the move.

The benefits of using our corporate relocation services

Increasingly those in the know are leaving it to a professional Property Consultant to oversee the entire process of searching and securing a property. They do this because when you are dealing with exacting requirements such as City Properties, you need professionals who understand the property market and have the right contacts. Our service can benefit you because:

  • Home search where we carry out the research and arrange the itineraries for our full accompanied viewing days.
  • Once the property is selected we negotiate and secure the property at the most advantageous terms for your employees or company personnel.
  • The use of our familiarisation or local orientation service will assist your employees who are not familiar with the area.
  • We can arrange to spend a day showing an individual or family the type of property available within the budget and ensure the person or family relocating are made aware of all local amenities.
  • Help and support for those moving internationally, especially those moving to the UK for the first time.
  • Utilising our educational advice service to ensure families relocating get the best advice about local schools and the educational system in the UK.
  • As part of our tenancy negotiation and managed move service we deal with every aspect of the tenancy agreement to make the move smooth and stress free.
  • Additional services such as updating or creating a company relocation policy or providing cultural advice can all be incorporated.

Click here to download the Overview
Download the overview our Corporate Relocation Service

Latest News

  • Reducing Relocation Stress

    Is it possible to have a completely stress-free relocation? The short answer is NO but we would like to think that at Premier Corporate Relocation Services can make it as stress free as possible.

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  • Property Search Consultants who can help write and implement your corporate global mobility relocation policy.

    Have you ever thought about how some corporations plan their employee relocation needs prior to announcing to their staff that they are on the move to a new region and a new office?

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  • You are required to attend a meeting....or else!

    We were appalled to learn that one of our corporate clients was informed that his offer for a rental property would only be accepted; subject to contract, satisfactory references and subject to him attending a meeting with the letting agent’s financial advisor.

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  • Who are today's tenants?

    Traditionally, many tenants were people struggling financially to justify or afford a loan/mortgage preventing them hopping onto the housing ladder. Over recent years we have seen a massive profile change in tenants’ reasons for renting. Interestingly, there has been a surge of people wishing to rent in cities and towns as well as a strong demand for country rentals.  

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  • Making your house a home...

    The excitement of a new property starts from when your ‘offer’ to buy or rent is accepted by the owners or landlords, but the real conversion from a house to your home, the way you want it to be, begins when you walk into the property to live for the first time.

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  • Relocating to the UK? Four tips to help you feel at home

    Firstly, welcome to one of the most open and user-friendly countries in the world, where bureaucracy is meant to be a system for getting things done fairly, rather than a nightmare to navigate. So, in our understated way, we offer some friendly, practical advice to help you and your family settle into your new home.

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  • An overview of education in the UK

    As a parent relocating to the UK with your family, choosing the right school for your child is probably one of the most important decisions you have to make.  When faced with the range of options available, many people find this a daunting and time consuming task. 

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  • Relocation Tips

    An international assignment is exciting. However any relocation can be stressful what with a house move and totally new environment to contend with. Here are some tips to help smooth the process along.

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  • The property market going forward.

    There has, as always, been conflicting remarks from property commentators about how the residential housing market has been performing and what the future holds. Doom and gloom in one paper and another stating the future is looking buoyant.

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  • Packing for your relocation

    Time to de-clutter!  Only pack the possessions that you really need or want. Other items can be stored or sold.  Remember that UK apartments and houses are often smaller than properties in other countries

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  • Client relocation requests...

    Relocating individuals and families especially can be a challenging as well as an interesting experience. We are sure that if we moved to another country the questions that we would ask would also appear and seem to be frustrating, sometimes naive and frequently humorous.   So the following are questions that we are asked regularly and the answers and advice we have to give our clients.

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  • Relocation consultants' requirements for serviced accommodation providers

    The first impression for most of our clients when they arrive in the UK is the serviced accommodation or accommodation provider, which is why Premier Corporate Relocation place great emphasis on ensuring the serviced accommodation provider selected will meet the required standards.

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  • Stamp of approval

    As a property acquisition consultancy, we are frequently asked by our clients to recommend a professional solicitor to act for them. Guy Hurst from Eric Robinson solicitors is one of a number that we feel comfortable in recommending and he recently wrote the following very interesting article on SDLT.  

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  • 25 Years of Corporate Relocation

    PRESS RELEASE: Nigel and Barbara Sellers, the principle directors of Premier Property Search and Premier Corporate Relocation Services, are celebrating 25 years of providing an integrated property search and corporate relocation service.

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  • New form for importing goods when moving to the UK

    A new application form is now required for private individuals who wish to import goods when moving to the UK – Transfer of Residence (UK ONLY – not for moving goods into Europe).

    Failure to obtain the ToR01 before the arrival of your effects will potentially incur considerable demurrage and quay rent charges, if the effects cannot be cleared due to the unavailability of an authorisation number.

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  • You want to move to a new office location – what about your staff?

    Moving house is rated as the second most stressful undertaking in life behind divorce. With this in mind, you are likely to be met with some reservations and objections by your staff to the idea of a move. 

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  • Understanding cross-cultural etiquette in business

    If you want to succeed in international business, an appreciation, understanding and some knowledge of a country's customs, habits, traditions, religions and social behaviour are vital. 

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  • What is serviced accommodation?

    Serviced accommodation is fully furnished accommodation available for both short-term as well as long-term stays. It provides additional amenities to those expected in traditional rental accommodation and more space than in equivalent hotel rooms.

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  • Accessing the rental market in the UK

    Increasingly, those in the know are leaving it to a professional Relocation Consultant to oversee the entire process of searching for and securing their rental home.  In the current climate you need to act quickly to secure the house you wish to rent.  Demand for rental property is at an all-time high, especially for houses and apartments in London and the South.

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  • How do I get my security deposit back?

    Gone are the days when you risked never seeing your security deposit again, even if you looked after the property, the current legislation makes it easy for responsible tenants to receive their deposit back in full.

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  • Relocating a family pet

    Over the years we have helped to relocate many thousands of employees from overseas to the UK and amongst them we have experienced some rather unusual requests. The one we are focussing on in this blog is about a Swedish family who wanted to bring their rabbit to England. 

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  • Understanding letting agents and the rental market

    The rental market is often fast moving and new tenants can be secured within days of the property becoming available.   

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  • The difference between unfurnished and furnished properties in the UK

    The rental market moves fast in the UK and properties are often shown and advertised as available when in fact they have already been let and a deal has been agreed. Carrying out an internet search for rental properties can prove frustrating, as multiple Letting Agents often advertise the same property and floor plans are rarely provided.  

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  • Tips for international relocation to the UK

    • June 3, 2016

    Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, when there’s another country involved in addition, this is multiplied.

    If you are moving to the UK, you will soon learn that there are many rules and regulations and as our reputation goes - the British are indeed real sticklers for the rules.

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  • EU predictions on the housing market

    On 23rd June the UK is set to go to the polls to decide on whether we want to remain part of the growing European Union. From a housing perspective, we believe a vote to leave can only have a negative impact on the private rental sector and the wider residential property market. 

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  • Relocation Policy

    Relocation Consultants can be more than just house hunters and negotiators, some consultants can help write and implement your Global Relocation Policy. 

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  • Moving your pet abroad

    Your pet really is a member of the family, so home wouldn’t be home without them being there.

    There are a number of restrictions involved in taking pets abroad, so it is worth reading up on the regulations that will apply to you.

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  • Providing excellent customer service in global mobility

    We identify 3 key areas of focus for ensuring excellent customer service in relocating employees to the UK:

    1) Addressing the employee's needs

    2) Regular communication and managing the process

    3) The relocation process

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  • Paperwork to expect when renting in the UK

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    Moving to the UK to live and work is a very different prospect to visiting it. There are many things to adjust to and understand and there are specific documents that you will come into contact with when renting apartments or houses in the UK which you should be aware of. 

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  • Right to rent in the UK

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    Donec orci lectus, aliquam ut, faucibus non, euismod id, nulla. Curabitur vestibulum aliquam leo. Donec quam felis, ultricies nec, pellentesque eu, pretium quis, sem. Nam adipiscing. Nullam nulla eros, ultricies sit amet, nonummy id, imperdiet feugiat, pede.

    From 1st February 2016, private landlords will have to check that new tenants have the right to live in the UK before they rent them their property. There is a fine of up to £3,000 for renting your property to someone who isn't allowed to rent property in England.


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  • Helping private individuals and company employees find, negotiate and secure their new homes for over 20 years

    As we approach our 25th year in business we remain one of only a few companies in the UK who run both a property search and corporate relocation business. We are very proud to have helped and advised so many private individuals and families buy or rent properties over such a sustained and continuous period of time.

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