Beware of the friendly ghost in your rental property!

inglenook fireplace.jpg

After 26 years of being retained by corporate clients to help them find, negotiate and acquire their ideal rental properties for their employees, at Premier Corporate Relocation Services we are used to interpreting our clients’ property needs and requirements.

However sometimes we come across the unexpected!

Take this example. A shortlist of suitable rental properties had been selected and a viewing schedule arranged. The rental properties ranged from small quintessential cottages and a barn conversion to a handsome house on an estate all in the country. Our client was searching for a weekend retreat; something private but not isolated.

It was during one of the viewings when our client was heard talking to someone in one of the bedrooms after he asked to look around the cottage for the second time to familiarise himself before leaving to go to the next viewing.

At the time nothing was mentioned and we moved onto the third of five viewings.

The next property was full of character, charm, a wonderful inglenook fireplace, beams and in immaculate condition. The cottage probably dated back to the early 18th Century. The property had been rented but the last tenant requested an early release from their tenancy after only three weeks! We were not told any further details, other than the property had become unexpectedly available and hence was being re-marketed.

Our client seemed to spend ages looking around the cottage given that it was only three bedrooms and relatively compact. We stood outside the cottage waiting for our client to finish the viewing but while waiting we heard voices again but knew he was in the property by himself, although we thought he was alone!

He reappeared with a large grin and a rather pleased look on his face. ‘I would like you to negotiate and try and secure this cottage for me, starting a tenancy as soon as possible’, he said and went on to state, ‘that of all the properties we have seen today, this cottage has the friendliest ghosts and they will make me very welcome!’

The letting agent was somewhat taken aback! She confessed that the reason the cottage was being re-marketed was because the previous tenant was ‘spooked’ by a ghost who used to stand on guard at the end of their bed most evenings, and could not live at the property any longer.

For further information about employee relocating and renting, preferably none haunted houses, contact Barbara Sellers 01962 793100 or by email