Long haul moving tips for the UK

Moving is stressful at the best of times but moving countries...you will need nerves of steel.

Long haul moving tips for the UK

There is so much to think about – what to pack, when to move, who to move with, visas, bank accounts...the list goes on and on. If you are moving to the UK, you will soon learn that there are many regulations and yes the British are real sticklers for the rules.

Remember, good preparation will save you time, costly mistakes and a lot of stress. Do your research on how living in the UK is different to your current location.

So let’s have a look at what you should take:

  • Vehicles, Boats and Trailers – If you are in love with your car or boat and can’t stand the thought of selling them, not a problem. Specialist transport can be arranged.

  • Your beloved pet – The UK has a Pet Passport Scheme. Your pet must be micro-chipped, vaccinated against rabies and blood tested (6 months prior to arrival).

  • Furniture – UK houses have smaller room sizes than the ‘Open Plan’ you are used to in other countries. Check the dimensions of your new house before you ship your bulky furniture items.

  • Electrical items – Bear in mind that the UK run on 220-240 Volt AC. Check your compliance labels first and the compatibility of televisions and other such electrical items. You may wish to buy an adaptor to take with you and expect to change plugs for different sized sockets when you unpack.

  • Personal items – do not leave your life behind. Take everything which is important to you.

Everything will be scrutinised by Customs whether your goods arrive by boat or plane. Be prepared for some delays in receiving your items.

My belongings are precious I do not want them broken!

Most people have precious breakables, be it baby ornaments to antiques. There is no way you would want to leave these behind when you move. So how do you protect your belongings?

  • Pack your boxes carefully! It is a good idea to plastic wrap special items such as photos albums and valuables to protect against damage.

  • Wrap your glassware, crystal and antiques in tissue and bubble wrap.

  • Cartons or crates can be specially designed for books, paintings or your fabulous wine collection.

  • Make sure your furniture (particularly wood) is wrapped in blankets.

  • Employ a well regarded, experienced moving company who will guide you through the process and help you with customs, insurance and shipping.

Don’t let your excitement and joy of moving to the UK be overshadowed by the stresses of moving. Relax, do your research and ask for help from the experts.

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