Making your house a home...


Finding, choosing, negotiating the price and eventually completing contracts on a property is pretty stressful for most people. Physically moving house from one property to another can also be very challenging and traumatic but at the same time incredibly exhilarating.

The excitement starts from when your ‘offer’ to buy or rent is accepted by the owners or landlords. Planning the changes, where your furniture will be placed, what new furniture your will need, the colour schemes, floor coverings and light fittings can start almost immediately. The real conversion from a house to your home, the way you want it to be, begins when you walk into the property to live for the first time.

Moving to a new location

Where we choose to live, what we call our home can have many connotations to many people; feeling safe and secure in our own home is paramount. Getting organised and settled quickly in a new location or neighbourhood is so important. Planning enables you to know what goes where in your home can be helpful. Then, quickly getting rid of the packaging material and the removal boxes creates space allows you to really start the process.

Creating a warm, cosy, atmosphere is vital to making your house start to feel like your home.

Add personal touches and the things you love

The homely feel will only be achieved if you quickly surround yourself with things you love; your music system, the TV, finding the kettle, the coffee maker and of course making the connection to the WI-FI has become one of the most vital ‘must do’s’!

Hanging any paintings, plates or wall art on the walls will transform any property into a home, it also gets it off the floor! Take into account colours and new shapes – distinctiveness will make your home very special.

The personal touches and your favourite things in situ will soon make a huge difference; your property will undoubtedly soon transform into your home.

We’d love to make you feel at home.

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