Relocation Tips


An international assignment is exciting. However any relocation can be stressful what with a house move and totally new environment to contend with.

  1. Familiarisation – if you have time to visit see your new location before you move, it is enormously beneficial. Internet research is helpful, but your Relocation Consultant will talk you through everything and be able to share a large amount of information via e mail and conference or video call. The more information you can gather about the culture and infrastructure, the more confident you will feel about your Relocation.

  2. Bureaucracy and red tape – many countries require Visas which can take several months to process. Your Relocation Consultant or HR Department should be able to assist you with this.

  3. Pet Relocation – also takes careful planning for the correct vaccinations, pet passport and transportation. Ensure you have all of the information required for the country you are relocating to. There are several very good specialist Pet Transport companies who can assist.

  4. Healthcare and Insurance – You may need vaccinations before your move. Your Relocation Consultant, HR and your own GP should all be able to advise. Check any Travel and medical insurance policies to ensure they cover your requirements.

  5. Technology on the move – most laptops, smart phones and tablets have Wi-Fi but it is worth double checking your data roaming package before you depart. We always advise our clients on arrival in the UK to purchase a pay as you go Sim card for their smart phone, this can be converted to a monthly contract rate once your main home address is secured.

  6. The viewing appointments;

    Wear shoes which are easy to take on and off, on most rental viewings you are asked to remove your shoes, so heavy lace up’s or boots are not always ideal, or easy

    If you wish to take some additional pictures on your phone it is always best and courteous to ask permission first.

    Floor plans for rental properties are rarely provided, so if certain room measurements are going to be important to you, take a large tape measure.

An international assignment is an exciting challenge. You need to be fully prepared for your new lifestyle as well as the physical move involved. Our professional and personal relocation support allows you to settle in and enjoy your new role and surroundings as quickly as possible.

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