Property Search Consultants who can help write and implement your corporate global mobility relocation policy.


It’s easy to imagine that the main purpose of a property search agent is to be just that, your agent searching for property, but it turns out there’s more to some property search agents than meets the eye.

Have you ever thought about how some corporations plan their employee relocation needs prior to announcing to their staff that they are on the move to a new region and a new office? Premier Corporate Relocation Services are a company who have regularly worked closely with their clients and advised them on the implications and many details surrounding relocating their staff and their families.

This professional expertise has enabled companies to adapt, or, in some instances re-write their relocation policies to enable them to offer a well thought out and planned relocation package to support and look after their employees and their families.

Just some of the key issues that formulate the relocation policy include:

  • Transition support for staff relocating to their new place of work

  • Relocation Assistance for Homeowners and Non Homeowners – for staff transferring to their new place of work

  • Taxation and benefits to the employee

  • Interim Accommodation

  • Removals

  • Storage

  • Disturbance Allowance

  • Additional Leave

  • Education

Additional Relocation Assistance - Home Owners only

  • Selling and buying their own properties

  • Solicitors Fees

  • Estate Agent fees

  • House Survey

  • Stamp Duty

Additional Relocation Assistance - Non Homeowners only

  • Tenants & Employees moving to a rental home

Conditions relating to employees Homeowners and Non Homeowners

Once a relocation policy has been written, approved and agreed, the employees will be informed of their options to relocate and move to their new place of work in the full knowledge that their company has planned to look after their employee and their families’ interests.

It is only at this stage that the relocation agent can contact and work with the employee to help them through the onerous process of relocation. Not only do they undertake all the arduous work finding the families potential new home, saving them the time and hassle that searching involves, the property agent can also negotiate the deal on their behalf.

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