Reducing Relocation Stress


Can you have a completely stress-free relocation? The short answer is NO but we would like to think that at Premier Corporate Relocation Services can make it as stress free as possible.

With the focus on the client’s needs, we strive to ensure a hassle free relocation process by becoming the families' trusted partner from beginning to end.


Emails to share information can be and are hugely useful. However this is no substitute for a phone call to talk through any concerns, planning and questions.

Our mission is genuinely to care for each one of our clients and their families. We provide the highest level of services to our clients so that they can have a comforting, relaxed and stress free transition in all aspects of their relocation.

Problems and solutions

We find solutions to potential problems, we are creative, unique and endeavour to provide valued experiences for every corporate employee and their family.

The right accommodation, in the right location, underpins a successful relocation

First impressions count

This can be from the first phone call with our Relocation Consultant or first arrival in the UK, which is often into a Serviced Apartment. It is vitally important that all of these first impressions are positive and re-assuring.

The quality and standard of accommodation can range from functional comfortable and relatively simple to the luxurious and prices also vary hugely from location to location. Our advice on the level, standard and selection of the serviced apartment is important.

Bureaucracy and form filling

Inevitable when relocating the vast majority of forms have to be completed by the client and family relocating. We follow through on every aspect to ensure no element is missed which could cause costly delays.

We have simply processes in place for opening your UK Bank Account, Serviced Accommodation booking, rental furniture, removal booking and co-ordination, all of which save our clients considerable time.


From the outset we work within and guide throughout the process on budget requirements. This could be and often is a combination of the Corporate Clients Relocation Budget and allowances to the Employees own Financial budgets and financial constraints

People say that moving is one of the most stressful things you can undertake. We have been providing relocation assistance to corporations, individuals and families for over 25 years.

One of our recent clients has been very happy with the service that she and her family have received:

“We really appreciate your help and everything you are doing for our family!!!

I can’t imagine how we can survive without you:-), you supported us always in all difficult situations!

Thank you very much for your help you are like our angel!”

With our best wishes, Natalia, Konstantin and Vasilii.

For further information about how we can assist you in finding, acquiring or renting your new home please contact us by calling 01962 793100 or email