How do I get my security deposit back?


Gone are the days when you risked never seeing your security deposit again, even if you looked after the property, the current legislation makes it easy for responsible tenants to receive their deposit back in full.

What happens to my security deposit?

Your security deposit will be held in a government approved Deposit Protection Scheme and no deductions should be made from the security deposit without the full agreement of the tenant and the landlord or their managing agent.

There are clearly defined guidelines provided by the Tenant Deposit Schemes relating to how quickly security deposits should be returned to tenants. However, delays can occur when landlords or letting agents have to obtain written estimates for any work required. If there is likely to be any significant delay while estimates are obtained you can ask for the balance of the deposit to be returned whilst the disputed amount is held pending the estimates and agreement by all parties.

How to be ready to move out and to receive your deposit back

Plan enough time to have the property professionally cleaned prior to the official tenancy termination date. The final cleaning is the most common cause for deductions from the deposit. Use a company who knows what end of tenancy cleaning entails, letting agents can often provide details of two or three reputable cleaners or cleaning companies.

If any damage has been caused during your tenancy term and you wish to make a claim using your own contents or accidental insurance cover this claim should be processed while you are living at the property. You will need to obtain estimates while you are still the tenant and your insurance company may wish to send out their own assessor.

You must remember that once your tenancy has terminated neither you, your cleaners or any other tradesmen appointed by you will be allowed access back into the property.

The general rule is that the property should be handed back in the condition it was when your tenancy commenced, and this will be detailed in your inventory-check-in report, when your tenancy ends there will be a check out report. However, by the time the check-out report is prepared it is too late to organise any making good so make sure you have planned properly and attended to those little details which may result in a deduction.

Premier Relocation Services can provide advice to any tenants about security deposits and what is expected from the tenants at the end of their tenancy. We are here to help you so please contact us for advice or ask when we show you a property or anytime whilst using our services.

TDS - Tenancy Deposit Scheme

DPS - Deposit Protection Scheme

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