Relocating a family pet


Over the years we have helped to relocate many thousands of employees from overseas to the UK and amongst them we have experienced some rather unusual requests. The one we are focussing on in this blog is about a Swedish family who wanted to bring their rabbit to England.

It started with the check-in clerk at Stockholm Airport refusing the family’s pet rabbit from flying to England and completing their move to the UK. As property consultants, we are used to going to great lengths to make moves as stress-free and easy as possible for our clients, we were, prior to this, not used to transporting rabbits!

The problem at the airport, where there was no seat on the plane for the family pet, was compounded by the fact that the animal’s chaperone to England, the father of the family, was only planning to drop the pet off at their new home. He was then due to attend a business meeting in Paris the following day. The plan had been to knock on one of his new neighbours’ doors and ask if they would kindly feed and water the rabbit while he was away!

The solution

Amazingly, one of the check-in ladies came to the rescue and looked after the rabbit for the evening at her house, before putting him onto a flight to London the following day. Meanwhile, we were busy purchasing a rabbit’s hutch, bedding and food from a large pet store and then transporting it all to the new family home. We were also busy making arrangements, at great cost, for a driver to pick the rabbit up from the animal centre at London Heathrow Airport to bring him to his new home.

Whilst his owner attended his business meeting, the rabbit was introduced to his new accommodation and rabbit-sitting service, all co-ordinated by Premier Property Search.

As property consultants we are used to finding and negotiating the best possible terms for a suitable rental property for a client, identifying a school for their children and helping to secure places at it, as well as advising on many other kinds of local amenities and services. However, being asked to settle a rabbit into his home, whilst the owners were away, was a new one, even for us! We are always ready to take on new challenges, it’s what makes our role interesting, which is just as well as very few relocations are the same.

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