Packing for your relocation

  1. Lighten the Load

    Time to de-clutter! Only pack the possessions that you really need or want. Other items can be stored or sold. Remember that UK apartments and houses are often smaller than properties in other countries and a King Size bed in the USA is larger than a King Size bed in the UK and may well not fit in the master bedroom, so careful planning is essential.

  2. Labels

    Your Removal Company should label the boxes so that you know which boxes belong to which room, ensure you ask them to do this. And make sure you know where the essentials are and these cartons should be marked accordingly.

  3. Inventory List

    An inventory list helps to know exactly what goes where when you arrive at your new home. Ask your Removal Company to prepare an Inventory as this will save time and stress.

  4. Insurance Cover

    It is always best to take out the Removal Company’s insurance premium. If anything is damaged in transit or during the move you can make a claim.

  5. Red Tape

    Private individuals must complete an application for themselves and their family to obtain authorisation for Transfer of Residence relief in the UK. This authorisation is for UK ONLY and cannot be used for people moving goods into Europe.

    This applies to imports of personal possessions where transfer of residence is applicable and where import relief is available to suspend the normal import duty and VAT charges on imported goods

    The new application form called ToR01 can be found on line or by clicking here.

    The application can only be submitted when you have your signed Tenancy Agreement or legal documents relating to proof of your move. More information can be found in a previous blog by clicking here.

  6. Priority with the un-packing

    The most important box to have available immediately upon arrival is your box of essentials: kettle, tea bags, mugs and toilet rolls.

    Ask your Removal company to ensure the beds are in place early on and have the bedding to hand to make up the beds, whatever time exhaustion hits you will know your bed(s) are prepared, ready and waiting.

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