Client relocation requests...


Relocating individuals and families especially can be a challenging as well as an interesting experience. We are sure that if we moved to another country the questions that we would ask would also appear and seem to be frustrating, sometimes naive and frequently humorous. So the following are questions that we are asked regularly and the answers and advice we have to give our clients.

Q: Can I have access to the house before Tenancy Commencement date for delivery of some furniture ordered?

A: Access cannot be given to a property until the Tenancy Commencement start date, the agreement is signed and cleared funds are with the Letting Agent along with copies of passports and visas. It would also be illegal and it creates an issue with the Inventory.

Q: Can I have permission to put a piano in my serviced apartment?

A: Even if you could move a piano into an apartment the sound would be considered to be a ‘noise nuisance’ and would potentially annoy other people living in neighbouring apartments. The same would be said for any other musical instruments. Serviced accommodation is fully furnished and additional furniture should not be added, without written permission from the provider.

Q: As I have just moved to the UK and my child does not yet have an allocated school place, will this force the school and LEA to offer my child a place at the most popular school, even though it already has a waiting list and I do not have a long term rental home secured?

A: There are no short cuts for securing a school place for your child. Everyone has to follow the strict LEA procedure for the In Year Application submission process. Securing a permanent home/address is the key, as this demonstrates to the LEA where a child will be living and needing a school place. We do appreciate that this is a ‘chicken & egg’ scenario of property versus school place.

Q: What is the earliest/latest time that I can call the service provider if I have a problem in my serviced apartment?

A: Most serviced apartment providers wish for their occupants to be as contented and comfortable with their stay. Most work long hours to maintain a high level of service. There have been occasions when guests have called at 11.00pm to ask if someone could be sent out as the TV remote does not work. There will normally be a minimum of £50 out of hours call out charge so it is best to wait until the morning in this situation.

Q: Some clients have even called in a panic at 10.00pm to say that they have put washing-up liquid in the dishwasher to find suds and bubbles all over the kitchen; Please send someone out to deal with it as an ‘emergency’.

A: This is not considered as an emergency and something that would be cleared up in the morning by cleaners, but if you are extremely concerned we could have someone visit straight away. A charge would be made to cover the time and costs. Best to turn the dishwasher off and not use it until the problem is rectified in the morning.

Q: From a client in serviced accommodation: I know you have said there will be a weekly cleaning, laundry, bed linen and towel change, but can someone come and empty kitchen rubbish bin daily?

A: There will be an additional charge for this service, so if you are happy to pay the additional cost this can be arranged, although we have shown you where the communal bins are so you may prefer to do this yourself.

Q: I have forgotten my mobile phone charger and my phone is running low on battery and I am missing my family and want to phone them in India – what can I do?

A: What make of phone do you have? I am sure we can drop a charger off for you to use.

Q: I am in a panic as I have to go to work and need a dog walker, can you help?

A: Here is a list of reliable dog walker and sitters, I am afraid you will have to contact them personally to check availability.

Q: I want to have Gym membership can you sign me up with the local Gym?

A: This is something you need to visit and sign up yourself as all Gym’s carry out an assessment and initiation as to how the equipment works. Attached is a list of all of the Gyms available in the town.

Q: Attached is the reference form that the Letting Agent has asked me to complete, can you complete it for me?

A: Each occupant has to complete and sign the form themselves however, if there are any sections which you do not understand or need help, please call and we can talk through what needs to be completed.

Q: As my wife will not be working in the UK why does she have to be named on the Tenancy Agreement?

A: Everyone over the age of 18 living in the property has to legally be named on the Tenancy Agreement. As we do not have any National ID card in the UK it is important that your wife is named on the Tenancy Agreement and utility bills as this is proof of ID and residency and would be required for registering at the Doctors and various other things.

Q: My wife’s father who lives in Turkey is ill and needs medicine which is very expensive in Turkey; as we have details of the drugs, pills and medicine and we know is free on the NHS which recommended pharmacist can we go to and acquire these medicines for my father-in-law?

A: As your wife’s father is not living in the UK you cannot get the medicine in the UK from a pharmacist on the NHS, sorry you will have to check on-line or with the doctors treating your father-in-law in Turkey.

Q: Urgent “we are at the airport trying to pick up our rental car and they say we have to have proof of our UK permanent address in order for them to give us the car, we do not have a permanent address in the UK. Please can you help? And they say our name is not on the booking for the serviced accommodation.”

A: Your name is on the booking form as the guest for the serviced apartment. You do not have to have a UK permanent address for a standard hire car. If you were on holiday for one month in the UK you would be able to get a hire car, try a different hire car company – which one did you book with?

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