Relocation consultants' requirements for serviced accommodation providers


As Relocation Consultants, Premier Corporate Relocation have clients arriving in the UK from all over the world. Each client has exacting and individual requirements and we have to be sure that they receive the highest level of service throughout the Relocation process. We have to balance the needs of our corporate clients’ budgets and locations as well as ensuring their employees receive first class service.

The first impression for most of our clients when they arrive in the UK is the serviced accommodation or accommodation provider, which is why Premier Corporate Relocation place great emphasis on ensuring the serviced accommodation provider selected will meet the required standards.

We secure apartments in a number of key locations and towns where our corporate clients are situated and where they need their employees to have access to. In addition, we are often asked to provide details on commuting times and costs.

The serviced accommodation providers we use, have staff on hand 7 days a week to deal with booking enquiries, meet & greet and guest services. They need to have a brilliant team who are friendly and efficient, always willing to help and make that extra effort to accommodate any special requests from the guests. We expect them to have a booking system which is clear and concise and importantly also ensure that their invoicing is straightforward and uncomplicated.

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