Our top unusual requests from tenants

Being in the property market finding and securing rental properties for both private and corporate clients we have many years of dealing with obscure, bizarre and peculiar questions and requests from our clients:


Here are some of our favourites:

  • Our pet parrot will be on a flight from Sweden landing at Heathrow on Friday afternoon would you meet the plane and take it to the quarantine vets at Heathrow?

  • Please can we have a reduction in rent? We’re going away on holiday for a few weeks?

  • I’m at the airport. I’ve forgotten my passport so can you go to the flat and get it couriered to me?

  • Can you rush round to my apartment and shut off my computer? My girlfriend is on her way and the computer has a dating website up.

  • Do you know I just love those drapes? Can I make them into a pretty dress?

  • Can you send in a pest controller to tackle a ladybird invasion? We’ve seen six.

  • I’ve run out of my prescription. Can you go to my doctor to collect and post it to me urgently abroad?

  • It snowed heavily last night. Can you come round and clear the drive immediately?

  • I’ve forgotten my PIN number. Do you know what it is?

  • How big are the chunks of gravel in the front of the house?

  • How do you cook spaghetti?

  • Would you mind stopping at Sainsbury’s so that I can do my shopping?

  • I have to go away on a business trip please would you baby sit the dog and rabbits this weekend.

  • Our furniture will be delivered on Tuesday would you collect the keys from the agents, take them to the house, meet the removal company and help them unload the furniture into our new home. We are due to arrive two days later!

  • Our grass needs cutting will you come over cut the grass and put the stripes on our lawn?

  • If she asks, please don’t tell my wife that I am renting a property in the city; she doesn’t know anything about the property.

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